Production begins on Happy the Hoglet

It’s full steam ahead on production on our newest animated show, Happy the Hoglet.

The start of production is always a very exciting, busy time. Our virtual animation studio is filling up, with both veteran Paper Owls and many new faces. Recently we’ve welcomed designers, an assistant editor and trainees in various departments to the crew.

So, what does it look like to be at this stage of production on a brand-new animated children’s show? We caught up with some of the Happy team to see what they’re up to.


Director, David McGrath
It’s the summer holidays, so it’s the perfect time to get in the recording booth with the young actors who will voice Happy and his friends. We’ll try and get to as many scripts as we can before they have to get back to school.

Art Director, Leanna Hillen
Happy is a tiny hedgehog in a very big allotment. So how we use scale is really important to show how little he is. Strawberries are pretty small, but for Happy they will be massive! I’m spending time working this out and creating a scale guide for all our designers to use.

Production Co-ordinator, Ciaran O’Connor
I’ve been doing training with albert, who work to support environmental sustainability in film and TV. I’m looking for ways to make sure that how we work on Happy is as sustainable and green as possible.

Animation Director, Charlotte Kieran
Our animation teams are starting soon, so I’m doing lots of tests with our characters. This helps me work out how they move, and any issues, so once all the animators join the crew they can hit the ground running.

Senior Designer, Helen Dallat
My first task on my first day was to design swimming costumes for fleas… a normal day in kid’s animation!

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