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Bóín agus Beach ag filleadh ar RTÉjr
We do...
Stand Out creative content that makes a difference, inspiring audiences to see the world in different ways.
We're for...
Audiences and Platforms that are ever changing. We’re passionate about finding unique expression of the world in this context, creating content that impacts audiences and helps them to laugh, to feel, to see things differently.
We love...
Real stories about real people.
And we love a bit of craic.
PABLO 104 x 11min
5½ year old Pablo is on the autism spectrum. Pablo’s drawings take him on fantastic adventures full of colourful characters, which help him face the Real World with confidence. Award-winning and BAFTA-nominated, Pablo airs in over 20 countries worldwide, inspiring audiences everywhere to see the world in different ways.
HAPPY 26 x 7 mins
In Production. Don’t judge a hoglet by his prickles... Preschool years are an emotional rollercoaster. On top of the normal difficulties of being a preschooler, Happy is prickly, smelly and has fleas! Life in Sunny River with his best friends has its ups and downs, but is always full of laughs and adventure.
For bestie beasties Ladybird and Bee, Wild Meadow is the whole world. It’s a place of big adventure, big fun and big friendship for the tiny creatures who call it home. Available to watch now RTÉjr.
SOL 28 mins
Sol is an inspiring film about a little boy’s journey through grief. Sol premiered in the UK and Republic of Ireland on the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice – Monday 21 December 2020.
MR DOG 52 x 11mins
In Development. Based on the bestselling book series by Ben Fogle. Scruffiest hero of the animal world, Mr Dog is the Wonderdog Underdog! Mr Dog helps animals in trouble, in comedic adventures full of kindness and fun.
NA DULRADOIRI 12 x 12min
In this fast-paced series, our busy kids Save the Planet one action packed mission at a time.
BIA LINN 44 x 15 mins – TV, Digital Game
Bia Linn is a colourful kids cookery show with a mixed bag of ingredients, characters and fun food to make!
FADUDA is a fresh and dynamic online series of vlogs for 18-30-year-old Irish speakers.





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